Superior Steel Strength

Double-Steel Door Casement™

To add strength and rigidity to the safe’s door opening, Champion adds a Double-Steel Door Casement™ to the safe’s body. This casement is formed from two or more layers of steel (depending on model) and is welded around the perimeter of the door opening. It more than quadruples the strength of the door opening and provides a more secure and pry-resistant door mounting. Champion installs this Double-Steel Door Casement™ on all of its models. Most safe companies do not offer this reinforcement.

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Double-Step image

Untouchable and Supreme Series Door and Casement (Top View)

Ironside and SS Safe Series Door and Casement (Top View)

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Competiton Steel image

Master and Regal Series Door and Casement (Top View)

A Popular Steel-Deficient Competitor

A safe’s first line of defense is its door and five walls. Door and wall steel thickness determines a safe’s ability to protect. The more steel the greater protection. Please review the graph below.

Steel Bending Strength Increase


The graph illustrates a general rule of steel strength. The bending strength of steel increases by approximately the square of its thickness.


  • 12-gauge (.106) steel is 2.86 times stronger than 14-gauge (.075), even though it is only .031 thicker.
  • A safe constructed of 3/16” (.188) steel is about 5.6 times stronger than one constructed from 12-gauge  (.106) steel.
  • A safe door made from 1/4” steel is 13.12 times stronger than one made from 12-gauge.


Thicker steel makes a huge difference in the protective ability of a safe. Steel is heavy and expensive but the foundation of any quality safe.


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The Superior Promise

Superior Safe Company confidently makes the claim, “A Step Above the Rest.”  This is not a sales slogan, but rather our pledge to you. We stand behind this statement with our guarantee, “If you can find a better safe for less cost, Superior Safe will refund your money in full.”  We define better to mean: level of security, fire protection, quality of finish and workmanship. This guarantee is good for one year following your purchase.

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